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#1. How many major committees were appointed by the Constituent Assembly to deal with various aspects of constitution-making?

#2. Who replaced D P Khaitan in the Drafting Committee after his death in 1948?

#3. How many members were there in the Drafting Committee?

#4. Which committee dealt with examining the draft constitution?

#5. The Expert Committee on the Financial Provisions of the Union Constitution was chaired by:

#6. Which committee was responsible for negotiating with the princely states regarding their participation in the Constituent Assembly?

#7. Who replaced B L Mitter in the Drafting Committee?

#8. Who chaired the Press Gallery Committee?

#9. Who was responsible for chairing the Committee on the Functions of the Constituent Assembly?

#10. Which committee was responsible for examining the National Flag?

#11. Who was the temporary President of the Constituent Assembly during its first meeting?

#12. The Committee on Chief Commissioners' Provinces was chaired by:

#13. Who chaired the Union Constitution Committee in the Constituent Assembly?


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