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#1. What is the significance of January 24, 1950, in the history of India?

#2. How long did the Constituent Assembly work on the Draft Constitution?

#3. After the first general elections in 1951–52, what did the Constituent Assembly transform into?

#4. What significant act did the Constituent Assembly perform in May 1949?

#5. When was the national flag of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly?

#6. The Constituent Assembly held sessions for approximately how long to draft the Constitution of India?

#7. Approximately how many days did the Drafting Committee sit to prepare the draft?

#8. How many sessions did the Constituent Assembly hold over the course of constitution-making?

#9. When was the first draft of the Constitution of India prepared by the Drafting Committee published?

#10. How long did the Drafting Committee take to prepare its draft?


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