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#1. How many fundamental duties were recommended by the Swaran Singh Committee and how many were finally included in the Constitution through the 42nd Amendment Act?

#2. Which Amendment Act introduced the duty to provide education to children between the ages of six and fourteen?

#3. What is a notable characteristic of Fundamental Duties in comparison to Fundamental Rights?

#4. Which of the following is NOT a Fundamental Duty as per Article 51 A?

#5. Which of the following statements is true about the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee regarding penalties for non-compliance with fundamental duties?

#6. Which committee was set up to make recommendations about fundamental duties in the Indian Constitution?

#7. What similarity do Fundamental Duties share with Directive Principles of State Policy?

#8. What does Article 51 A of the Indian Constitution specify?

#9. According to critics, what characteristic made Fundamental Duties less effective?

#10. which Amendment Act added the fundamental duties to the Indian Constitution?


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