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#1. When can a writ of mandamus be issued?

#2. Which of the following rights is NOT guaranteed by Article 26 to religious denominations?

#3. What is the purpose of a writ of habeas corpus?

#4. What distinguishes the Supreme Court's writ jurisdiction from that of a high court in India?

#5. According to the Supreme Court, what criteria should a religious denomination satisfy?

#6. what role does Article 32 play in the Indian Constitution?

#7. How does Article 28 categorize educational institutions concerning religious instruction?

#8. Which Acts were enacted to address issues related to forced labor and minimum wages according to the passage?

#9. what is the scope of Article 25 regarding religious beliefs and practices?

#10. What is the primary emphasis of Article 27 in the Indian Constitution?

#11. What penalty does the Amendment Act (2016) impose for offenders who employ children in prohibited occupations?

#12. According to Article 25, which of the following is NOT covered under the right to propagate one's religion?

#13. Which Act was primarily responsible for regulating child labor before the 2016 amendment?

#14. What distinguishes mandamus from prohibition?

#15. Article 29 of the Indian Constitution primarily focuses on:

#16. What circumstances might justify the imposition of martial law within the territory of India?

#17. Which of the following is a provision permitted by the State according to Article 25?

#18. How are minority educational institutions categorized based on their relationship with the State?

#19. How does Article 32 relate to the jurisdiction of high courts under Article 226 concerning fundamental rights?

#20. According to Article 29, who has the right to conserve their distinct language, script, or culture?

#21. What limitations are imposed on the rights mentioned in Article 25?

#22. Under Article 28, in which cases is religious instruction permitted on a voluntary basis?

#23. How did the Supreme Court interpret the right to conserve language under Article 29?

#24. What does Article 34 empower the Parliament to do during the enforcement of martial law?

#25. how does the Supreme Court view the writ of habeas corpus during the enforcement of martial law?

#26. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act of 1956 was introduced primarily to address:

#27. Which of the following is considered a form of 'traffic in human beings' according to Article 23?

#28. Which writ is issued to prevent a lower court from exceeding its jurisdiction?

#29. According to Article 25, the wearing and carrying of kirpans is included in the profession of which religion?

#30. What powers does Article 32 grant to the Supreme Court for fundamental rights enforcement?

#31. What does the 'right to profess' in Article 25 primarily entail?

#32. According to the Supreme Court's ruling, what is the status of political speeches advocating for language conservation?

#33. What provision does Article 32 have concerning the suspension of the right to move courts for fundamental rights enforcement?

#34. According to Article 35, which of the following matters empowers the Parliament to make laws exclusively without involvement from state legislatures?

#35. What major change did the 2016 Amendment Act bring regarding the prohibited occupations and processes for children?

#36. What did the Supreme Court direct in 1996 regarding child labor?

#37. Which organizations were held as religious denominations within the Hindu religion by the Supreme Court?

#38. How is martial law different from military law?

#39. What rights are granted to minorities under Article 30 of the Indian Constitution?

#40. Which among the following acts specifically establishes commissions for the protection of child rights?

#41. What is the significance of Article 35 in relation to the enforcement of certain fundamental rights?

#42. In which scenario can a writ of quo warranto be issued?

#43. What does the writ of certiorari entail?

#44. What does the Supreme Court's interpretation suggest about the scope of Article 29?

#45. What was the addition made to Article 30 by the 44th Amendment Act of 1978?

#46. What is the age limit specified by the Amendment Act (2016) for the prohibition of children's employment in all occupations and processes?

#47. What is the focus of Article 26 in the Indian Constitution?

#48. In which type of educational institution is religious instruction completely prohibited according to Article 28?

#49. What does the term 'begar' refer to?


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