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#1. Which source provided the concept of Directive Principles of State Policy, nomination of members to Rajya Sabha, and the method of election of the president in the Indian Constitution?

#2. The Constitution of India has borrowed ideas from all of the following countries except:

#3. The South African Constitution influenced the Indian Constitution by introducing which concept?

#4. Which source contributed the concept of the Concurrent List, freedom of trade, commerce, and intercourse, and the provision for a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament in the Indian Constitution?

#5. The Soviet (USSR, now Russia) Constitution influenced the Indian Constitution by introducing which concept?

#6. The ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution were influenced by which source?

#7. Which part of the Indian Constitution derives its inspiration from the American Constitution?

#8. where did the Constitution of India draw its provisions from?

#9. Which source provided the basis for the federal scheme, office of governor, judiciary, public service commissions, emergency provisions, and administrative details in the Indian Constitution?

#10. From which source did the Indian Constitution borrow the concept of parliamentary government, rule of law, legislative procedure, single citizenship, cabinet system, prerogative writs, parliamentary privileges, and bicameralism?

#11. Approximately how many provisions of the Indian Constitution bear a close resemblance to the Government of India Act, 1935?

#12. The Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of fundamental rights, independence of the judiciary, judicial review, impeachment of the president, removal of Supreme Court and high court judges, and the post of vice-president from which source?

#13. The Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of a federation with a strong Centre, vesting of residuary powers in the Centre, appointment of state governors by the Centre, and advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court from which source?


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